In order to celebrate the launching of “YARIS” in China, ORC planned and organized a press conference and nationwide events for dealers. Jay Zhou, Karen Mok, Xu Jinglei and other big names were selected as fashionable brand image celebrities. Their on-stage performance was coordinated with two other events and the press was well represented. ORC showed a distinct gain in popularity amongst clients by this clear demonstration of an ability to sponsor integrated one-stop events.

ORC held a trial-drive press conference for the launching of hybrid cars in China. And as the true merits of a hybrid car are only displayed by long-distance driving, this campaign was held in the remote Xinjiang province. The company‟s extensive experience and profound ability to organize settled several problems including supply, transportation and management. The trial drives in the field impressed the press and many favorable comments appeared in newspapers and other media.


In order to settle the problem of “no direct links between promotional events and sales”, ORC organized sales-oriented events. These were held in retail shopping centers, and measures were taken to include on-site sales by drawing the audience to retail stores. This, in effect, transformed the participating audience into clients and at the same time created a new „event mode‟ directly linked to sales revenue.

Participation in more than 300 exhibitions in China has resulted in ORC becoming the number one company in the country in terms of experience in arranging and managing a wide range of different activities. ORC has professional accountants who speedily handle business operations to enhance the cost benefit ratio by working closely with cooperating manufacturers across the main cities in China. ORC is not only skilled at developing business concepts, design, planning, implementation and operation, but also adept at operating integrated exhibitions for talent dispatch, different events and incidental marketing.

Working together with TVCM, ORC organized 50 Bruce Lee impersonators for an appearance on the street to form a „guerrilla event‟ for a big topic. By means of strict and repetitive advanced training and careful control and management a scene was created, at low cost, that prompted passers-by to take pictures and record video. The content was uploaded to many different blogs and SMS messages were sent all around the country. This created a huge ripple audience effect.


In order to resolve the worries of enterprises about whether “dealers really take customers seriously”,ORC can organise mystery shoppers. In a typical case ORC was able to send and manage reliable investigators to more than 200 shops across China very quickly. This was done by recruiting and training local staff and is a clear demonstration of an ability to organize such an operation with speed and safety.

In order to sponsor expo-like events that last for long periods and require a large working staff, ORC has created a special training plan. This is designed to receive high-level visitors and includes basic training for the understanding of the overall event, the learning of a greeting language, guidelines and diction and the provision of any professional training needed. This allows staff to quickly grasp the necessary know-how to provide an excellent service.

In order to persuade visitors to become familiar with product features and also to increase brand loyalty, ORC gives much thought to the strategy of determining the touch point and state of mind of the customer. This can be achieved in many ways including internal arrangements and decoration of the environment, the organization of regular events and workshops, etc. ORC has handled the recruitment, employment, training and maintenance of administration staff and has been running two showrooms in Shanghai for a considerable time.


China tops the world in the number of Internet users, making digital promotions an indispensable part of integrated communication. ORC is considering the extension and integration of marketing measures in the real world, to that of interactive communications. ORC is ready to carry out many different plans, including the production of strategic corporate websites and campaign sites and the handling of CRM.